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How Airlines Can Provide a Consistent Passenger Experience During IROPs
From Hub to Outstation

This report is a result of a roundtable workshop with 12 airlines at Aviation Festival Asia 2024.


Alignment of personnel, flow of information, and the consistency of the passenger experience becomes increasingly unlikely the further a passenger is outside an airline’s central control. This is evident in the contrasting experience of the same airline brand between one of their hubs and one of their outstations. Hubs are better resourced with data, oversight, and personnel.

When an IROP event occurs, and information and agency become increasingly important to a passenger’s wellbeing, how can airlines ensure a consistency of experience even in the most remote outstation?

This report discusses the impact of a disruption on the passenger journey and the tools and processes necessary to restore the value of the trip.


Topics include:

  • Monitoring | Passenger Visibility

  • The Impact of a Disruption on the Passenger Experience

  • Level of Airline Preparation to Respond to each of the Passenger’s Pain Points

  • Communicating Directly with the Passenger

  • Self-service | What Level of Agency does your Passenger have?

  • Reporting | Optimising the Business Case

Airlines can use this report to benchmark their own output based on what is “Industry Standard” or “Best-in-class,” and discover where they should prioritise solutions in the future.

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