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Passenger disruption, solved.

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When a disruption occurs, Plan3 looks ahead at each step the passenger will face in order to get back on track.

Powerful automation then sources and delivers all re-booking content and customer care items, from one single screen.

Happy airline, delighted customer.

It starts with knowing exactly what your customer is facing.

Plan3's unique 'issues dashboard' watches the disruption status of passengers at an individual level, flagging any passengers that have issues due to disruption, no matter how minor.

Respond to thousands of unique passenger disruptions, all at once.

Create 'option packages' that address every need your customer has, or is about to have - think new flight, hotel, meal vouchers, ground transportation - all customised by your team, and configurable to different passenger groups, even crew!

 Option Creator Tool 

 Pax Issues Dashboard 

 Template-driven Automation 

Thousands of passenger disruption issues solved in 2 clicks.

Whether a 30 minute delay or multiple flight cancellations, operations teams can 'put out the fire' in just a few clicks with Plan3's templates, reducing hours of response time to just a few seconds.

Communicate options directly to disrupted passengers.

Built-in communications enables customer care teams to utilise template-based messaging to accompany the options you have just created. Passengers receive a link to their options via SMS and email.

 Passenger Communications Tool 


 Personal Information Page 

A personal information page empowering passengers to self-serve.

A simple webpage keeps passengers up to speed on updates relating to their disruption, and enables them to make individual selections of content to get back on track. Once the passenger selects the option package that best suits their needs, everything is automatically booked and new confirmations sent directly to the passenger.

Stop letting disruption ruin your customer experience game.

See how Plan3 can help you bring delight to disrupted passengers.

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Flight rebookings

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Meal vouchers & coupons

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comp icon hotel.png

Best-rate hotels

comp icon transport.png

Ground transportation

comp icon gift cards.png

Gift cards

What's inside?

Every conceivable option is at the finger tips of disruption customer care teams, complete with powerful filtering and sorting options. 

Matching the most relevant solution to individual or preferred passenger groups has never been so simple.

That's Plan3. 

  • How does your commercial model work?
    We run a pay-as-you-use model with our partners based on every time a disruption is solved for a passenger. We do not charge a flat monthly fee.
  • Is PSS/GDS integration required to get started?
    No. Plan3 can be used out of the box in less than 10 minutes so as to experience value from the tool right away. All features are available, with schedule data and rebooking content powered by third-party sources. However, integrations can improve the level of direct control partners have over content and so are discussed early in the process of exploring Plan3.
  • How does Plan3 handle flight inventory?
    We pull flight inventory from third-party sources to ensure a broad selection of inventory to solve disruptions. Airlines can apply business rules to ensure preferred airline inventory is prioritised.
  • Can Plan3 work with my existing hotel agreements?
    Yes of course! As part of the initial setup, we can ensure specific hotel inventory is prioritised, falling back on Plan3’s wider inventory as and when required.
  • Does Plan3 really automate everything, removing all the manual work associated with passenger disruptions?"
    It is entirely up to you! Each airline operates differently and can add automations to whatever level is most comfortable. But if an airline wants to automate the entire solution flow of the passenger’s disruption journey, they can.
  • What kind of technology does Plan3 utilise?
    Plan3 is a smart, modern connected tech stack built upon multiple third-party API integrations to mask back-end complexities, with a simple and highly intuitive user interface, all hosted on Amazon Web Services.
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Learn more about how automated passenger disruption management can transform your passenger experience.

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