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Plan3 and Sabre:
A partnership to knock passenger disruption out of the park.

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March 27th 2023

Plan3 are excited to announce a new agreement with Sabre, a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry. The new partnership will provide a win-win for airlines and passengers alike, with increased choice for travelers, and easy technical implementation for airlines.

Plan3 connects API's and web services to augment native irregular operations and schedule change options available through an airline’s Passenger Service System (PSS). In part, the partnership will mean Sabre PSS customers benefit from three key enhancements:

  • Expedited technical integration between Plan3 and both SabreSonic and Radixx systems, with the development 'heavy lifting' executed by Sabre and Plan3 on behalf of the airline customer.

  • Easily launch a 'fast start POC' (Proof of Concept) with Plan3, with full flight reaccommodation and further additional functionality not normally associated with a POC available right out of the box.

  • Dedicated customer success support from both Plan3 and Sabre to ensure the strongest possible delivery of our service to airline passengers.


With no significant upfront investment required to get started, Plan3 is PSS agnostic and content provider agnostic, meaning it can complement Sabre’s own ecosystems and product offerings, as well as being used by airlines on other systems. 

If you want to learn more about how your airline can benefit from this new partnership, please get in touch below to set up a call with Plan3 and Sabre representatives.


Learn more about how automated passenger disruption management can transform your passenger experience.

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A new era of operational benefits

Solving passenger disruptions has been complicated for too long. With Plan3, a new dawn of happy is upon us - looking at you customer care teams.

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Reduce overhead with powerful automations

Where a large team would take hours, a single employee can now provide solutions in minutes - all from one screen.

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Dramatically improve customer satisfaction

Improved customer review scores and reduced negative media coverage go hand-in-hand with  seamless passenger disruption management.

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Direct control over disruption costs

With full control over every issue, the airline can offer the most cost effective solution, on their terms.

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No flat monthly costs or setup fee

As airlines focus on revenue recovery and rebuilding margins, Plan3 customers only pay when they are solving actual problems!

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Increase customer loyalty

The number one reason for passengers choosing not to fly with an airline again is a poorly managed disruption. With Plan3 the airline delivers exceptional customer care, every time.

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Zero deep system integration required to start

Plan3 runs independent of the passenger service system - zero deep system integration is required to get started. Airlines can be up and running with Plan3 in a matter of hours.

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