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Designed for the travel recovery era, with zero upfront investment or deep system integration required to get started.

The passenger disruption management platform you and your customers will love.

 Hotel, booked! 
 New flight, booked! 
 Vouchers, issued! 
 Customer, very satisfied! 
 Taxi, booked! 

"This is the slickest product I have come across, a 'magic button' for disruption customer care teams"

—  Head of Operations Control


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Terrible passenger experience.
Negative media coverage.
Poor Trip Advisor reviews.
Regulator fines.

Disruption is the ugly side of travel.
Plan3 makes it beautiful!

69% of airlines said re-accommodating passengers when disruption and cancellations are unavoidable is the most important benefit technology can provide.

72% of airlines said improving data quality and analysis is the most important disruption management priority for them.

The average financial cost to an airline from the EU261 regulation is estimated at between 0.6% and 1.8% of turnover, or approximately €1-3 per one-way ticket.

Source: SITA Insights

Source: Department of Transport, UK GOV

Source: SITA Insights

Working with manual, disjointed processes is tough.

With data required by teams locked inside separate, siloed systems, a lack of real-time visibility and interconnected inventory results in hours of man-power required to manually resolve a passenger disruption.

Recovery is painful for everyone.

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If only there was a tool that  joined everything up,  in one single view with  automated workflows  and full  disruption  solution fulfilment.  
Oh, and  no flat monthly fees  and  no setup costs...   


The big magic button for airline passenger disruption teams

Introducing Plan3

Plan3 is a passenger-focussed disruption management system that puts unrivalled ease of recovery in the hands of disruption customer care teams.

Simply put, Plan3 solves every aspect of passenger disruption, automatically sourcing holistic solutions with eyes on the entire passenger journey.

Using Plan3's Option Creator tool, airlines can easily bundle together and publish relevant options (eg, new flight, hotel, transportation, digital meal vouchers), and passengers can self-serve their way to a seamless onward journey.


Passenger Issues dashboard

Options Creator tool

Passenger Communications

Personal Information Page for passengers

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Designed for a post-covid recovery era, with zero upfront investment or deep integration required to get started.
Bringing joy to airline disruption teams, and delight to distressed passengers. 

Tackling the complexities of passenger disruption head-on, Plan3 is developed by former airline people who take a holistic view of the passenger disruption journey - with a major focus on empathy for the passenger.

The end result?
A single end-to-end platform for seamless solution sourcing, option packaging, passenger communication and automated fulfilment.

Plan3 is the most powerful single screen system on the market for disruption operations and customer care teams.

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A new era of operational benefits

Solving passenger disruptions has been complicated for too long. With Plan3, a new dawn of happy is upon us - looking at you customer care teams.

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Reduce overhead with powerful automations

Where a large team would take hours, a single employee can now provide solutions in minutes - all from one screen.

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Dramatically improve customer satisfaction

Improved customer review scores and reduced negative media coverage go hand-in-hand with  seamless passenger disruption management.

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Direct control over disruption costs

With full control over every issue, the airline can offer the most cost effective solution, on their terms.

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No flat monthly costs or setup fee

As airlines focus on revenue recovery and rebuilding margins, Plan3 customers only pay when they are solving actual problems!

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Increase customer loyalty

The number one reason for passengers choosing not to fly with an airline again is a poorly managed disruption. With Plan3 the airline delivers exceptional customer care, every time.

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Zero system integration required to start

Plan3 runs independent of the passenger service system - zero integration is required to get started. Airlines can be up and running with Plan3 in a matter of hours.



Airline Information Mega Event 2021



Airline Information Mega Event 2021



Future Travel Experience 2020


 "The Plan3 passenger disruption management tool made a significant impact to PLAY flight operations from day one. A true game-changer for the passenger experience during IRROPS."

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- Hildur Haarde, Service Director, PLAY Airlines


How Airlines Can Provide a Consistent Passenger Experience During IROPs

When an IROP event occurs, and information and agency become increasingly important to a passenger’s wellbeing, how can airlines ensure a consistency of experience even in the most remote outstation?

This report discusses the impact of a disruption on the passenger journey and the tools and processes necessary to restore the value of the trip.

WAF Report 2023 - cover thumb.1.jpeg

Rethinking Passenger IROPS Solutions as Customer Expectations Increase

We conducted a roundtable discussion focused on airline passenger IROPS at the World Aviation Festival’s Global event in Lisbon. From legacy to low cost carriers, 18 airlines signed up to discuss the current landscape of passenger disruption in the context of a post-pandemic industry in recovery. 

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Learn more about how automated passenger disruption management can transform your passenger experience.

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